Stereo For Two – Strandbar [Conya Records]

Stereo For Two - Strandbar [Conya Records]Stereo For Two really likes going for a drink. We prefer a bar on the beach, so if we have the possibility we’ll be there. But it was not the case making this track, don’t ask us why. Some great remix moves from Sven Van Hees and Leach & Lezizmo included in this release on the famous Conya Records label! What do you need more in the summer? Buy us a drink by buying this release, so we can chill at the strandbar!

Thanks in advance!

RELEASE DATE 2014-06-27
LABELS Conya Records


Stereo For Two – Die Waschmaschine [Picche Records Ltd.]

Stereo For Two - Die Waschmaschine - Picche RecordsWe all like nice washed clothes! Stereo For Two not only enjoys the freshness of the natural scent of trees and pine cones in their clothes, they make it into a techno track. Crazy as whatever you want it to be … here you have it: a German washing machine – Die Waschmaschine.

RELEASE DATE 2014-04-28
LABELS Picche Records Ltd


Stereo For Two – Different World [425 Records]

Stereo For Two - Different World [425 Records]If you are searching for the crazy side of Stereo for two, you’ll like a different world in your life. Maybe you’re in it, but trust us, we’ll keep your beat going. Listen, enjoy and don’t forget to support us. We like beer too!


Stereo For Two – Shadow Science EP [Green Martian]

Stereo For Two - Shadow Science EP [Green Martian] - Bonzaï progressive

RELEASE DATE 2014-01-13
LABELS Green Martian
CATALOG # GM2013206


JR (UK) – Bad State Of Mind (Stereo For Two Remix) [Blue Orb Records]

JR(UK) - Bad State Of Mind (Stereo For Two Remix) [Blue Orb Records]Another remix done by Stereo For Two, this time for the upcoming talent JR(UK)! We like to support some good vibes so we made it into a deep dry, right in the face remix. Perfect for your weekends! Enjoy and buy!

RELEASE DATE 2013-12-23
LABELS Blue Orb Records


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